Microsoft and GE team to fight healthcare inefficiency Microsoft and General Electric are teaming up to help hospitals and other healthcare providers implement business cost reduction plans and improve efficiency.

The two American conglomerates said recently they would work together to develop a software system that will enable healthcare providers to overhaul spend management and other departments as they seek to benefit from a surge in business. While healthcare providers have been notoriously loath to embrace technology, Microsoft contends time is running out in the race to prevent healthcare costs from reaching unsustainable levels.

"This industry needs a Windows-like platform," Microsoft health solutions group head Peter Neupert said.

By developing such a system, Microsoft and GE stand to revolutionize an industry that is suffering under the weight of financial mismanagement. Through the incorporation of a standardized operating system, hospitals and other healthcare providers could more effectively understand how and where they can improve efficiency and cut costs.

What's more, the creation of such a targeted software system would enable developers to engineer apps addressing specific issues facing healthcare providers. Ultimately, the deal could help address some of the fundamental issues plaguing the sector, experts say.

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