One month left to use those vacation days before the end of the year and most Americans still have time that is unused. An Expedia survey indicates the average American has 14 vacation days but only uses 12 days. Those 2 unused days amount to 226 million days nationwide and with the average full time worker earning $39,416 a year (Bureau of Labor Statistics) this amounts to $34.3 billion worth of time. So why are we all missing out on that umbrella drink on that tropical island?

One reason you may not want to take a vacation is because you are extremely busy at your job, or with all the company layoffs you may feel like it is important for you to be seen in the office. Another reason may be the cost of taking a vacation. Right now many Americans do not have the extra money to spend on a vacation since many people are trying to pay down their debt and hopefully save a little too. Finally, people may find that it gets too busy towards the end of the year to think about taking a vacation.

There are definitely some ways for Americans to take advantage of their vacation time (including those 2 days) even though we are facing some tough economic times. Check for last minute deals on any travel site. There are also local deals that may be available for a quick getaway. Download an app or two that can help you spot some deals in your area. If you do plan on traveling, travel on "off" days. For example, leaving on a Wednesday can save a lot of money on airline costs. Also, don't forget the stay-cation. A stay-cation gives you time to regroup from the stress of work and it saves money. Everyone deserves a break, so look for some cost saving ways to take advantage of your 2 unused days before the year is over.
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