Since I can remember, the Social Security Trust Fund has been going broke. Politicians tell us that we have to fix the system or payments to seniors will be in jeopardy. Social Security has taken in more money than it has paid out just about every year since inception. In 2009 alone, $121 billion more came in than went out. The fund balance is $2.5 trillion. Depending upon who you believe, there is enough money until 2035 -2045.

Some fund! There is not a penny held in any account. There is no return on the funds. The government spends the surplus each year. We are paid back our own money in the future with discounted dollars. Whenever the fund approaches a year where payments will exceed receipts, politicians usually start screaming for a revamp. This usually results in a tax increase of some sort.

What about paying us some interest on the fund balance. At 4% this would immediately add $100 billion to the fund. A simple fix, if only the payer had some change to spare.
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Steve Belli

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