While some of the country is still on sub-Mb/sec Internet connectivity, Google is rolling out 1 Gb/sec fiber connections 'in a small number of trial locations' around the country at prices competitive with today's leading home broadband solutions. That small number is going to be somewhere between 50,000 and 500,000 homes. Google started strictly as a search engine and has set the bar for which competitors strive has expanded it's offerings over the past decade into e-mail, applications, voice services, and mobility all with good success; it will be exciting to see what comes of their latest endeavor.

What might be Google's motivation here? According to Google's blog, they are working to promote new applications which take advantage of the bandwidth, experiment with and tweak fiber-to-the-home deployment, and to promote more open access to broadband. They also view this initiative as complementary to the US government's national broadband deployment plan, which makes sense. We could only hope this would also encourage other broadband leaders, Verizon and Comcast (xfinity), to continue to invest and roll out additional fiber nationwide which also certainly has a significant impact on business network pricing. Regardless, 1 Gb/sec to the home doesn't sound like a bad thing -I just hope Google means it when they repeat their mantra, "Don't Be Evil".
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David Pastore

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