As I sat and watched the snow pile up today here in the great North East and procrastinated shoveling for the umpteenth time, I thought about the green possibilities of snow removal. Thankfully my neighborhood does not have sidewalks and does not warrant a snow blower but I am not sure I would buy one for the air pollution it causes. Although it would certainly save a few backaches in a lifetime!

Green snow removal option #1 is using a shovel versus a snow blower. You can even save some money by shopping around for the best priced one (and ergonomic don't forget). That is if you had the forethought to buy one before a blizzard like we are currently experiencing. Aside from feeling green you can also feel good about contributing to your local mom and pop shop that may just have that miracle shovel for less than the big orange and blue general industrial shops.

Green snow removal option #2 has to do with melting and/or adding traction to the ground. Salt may seem like the green ticket compared to chemical mixtures but think again! Salt can harm concrete costing you money for repair/replacement and also is harmful to plants and wildlife. Your green options can include sand, wood ash or kitty litter (not used of course!). There are other Eco-friendly materials out on the market as well but these are a good start if you are making the switch.

There you have it. Now relax and go make a snow angel!
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Tina Lamanna

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  1. Another interesting idea: where do we put the snow? If snow is melted, then put down storm drains, it's treated before reaching the Chesapeake Bay (I'm in Balto). But there's so much that some of it's being dumped directly into the Inner Harbor--the Ches. Bay watershed!