Source One debuted a new version of its free procurement tools suite, at the ISM conference this year in Charlotte, NC.

After spending recent months focused on developing customized solutions for private branded customers, Source One has launched a new and improved site, complete with improved navigation, an improved, more modern look and feel, new features, and an easier to use e-sourcing on-demand system.

Along with an entirely new look, WhyAbe has implemented a new left-hand drive navigation system. Users no longer have to click around to multiple pages to see all of their important event information. Both buyers and suppliers can quickly access any of their open, closed or saved events and bid histories without ever leaving the dashboard. Users can now quickly review summary event details, obtain contact information and edit preferences in an easy to use menu system that does not require excessive page loading.

Due to user request, a popular new feature has now been added. Suppliers are now able to access an event before its launch date and can indicate their intent to participate in that event. Buyers will no longer need to wonder whether or not the suppliers will show up for the Reverse Auction or RFx event.

No HTML experience needed. With the new WhyAbe site, buyers no longer need to know simple html commands in order to format their RFx events. Buyers now have an easy to use formatting bar that allows them to add bullets, indents, change font styles, colors and even post inline images without knowing a single HTML command.

Customize WhyAbe for your business. With the new user preferences feature, buyers can now select desired options for when they intend to run future events. Save time and bandwidth by uploading your company logo one time and have it appear as the main image for every event you run in the future. Worried that you might accidentally run a public event? Easy, simply set your preferences so that your default RFx is always a private listing.

Start using today for all of your e-sourcing needs. There is no software to install, no fees to pay, and no complex licensing agreements. Buyers have immediate access to time-saving tools and suppliers gain instant access to potential new customers.
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