In keeping theme with my last few green posts, I enjoyed reading wiki-paper, Green Procurement, by Michael Lamoureux, Ph.D., Sourcing Innovation. Michael breaks out the contents nicely into an introduction, benefits, how to make an impact and ten steps to green procurement.

After an easy to follow introduction the paper goes on to explain some of the benefits why an organization should want to be green. Without detailing the entire contents, the list of benefits are: brand image, customer satisfaction, reduced risk, cost reduction and increased shareholder value.

Michael’s How to Make an Impact section provides advice on how to go green by category and follows up with some general tips. “The reason that green procurement is so complex is that there's no single rule-of-thumb that you can apply in every situation” Michael states. A good range of categories (IT, office supplies, buildings and maintenance, transportation, food, energy, manufacturing) are listed to help demonstrate that the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) can be applied in every situation.

In conclusion Michael outlines ten steps to green procurement as follows:
1. Commit to Being Green
2. Identify and Categorize Your Needs
3. Develop Green Specifications and Standards
4. Establish Green Selection Criteria and Their Impact on Award Decisions
5. Focus on Identifying Products and Services which are Green
6. Always Use a Life-Cycle Costing Approach
7. Include Green Performance Clauses in Every Contract
8. Communicate and Inform
9. Use Green Technology
10. Make it Easy

Check out the ten step details and references included in this wiki-paper and start thinking about how your company can get in on green procurement.
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