Every year at this time, my late father used to sing:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot . . . .that might not be so bad. But seriously, folks . . .
2008 is at its end, and we’re in the home stretch of a decade. It seems like just yesterday we were wondering what would happen at 12:01 AM, Jan 1, 2000. Now we’re wondering what will happen with Citibank, GM and AIG.

My how the landscape changes; but as Heraclitus was known to say, “the only constant is change”.

An interesting fact though, is that one important tool in managing change is the adherence to time tested practices. No, I’m not going to say that New Year’s resolutions are a time tested practice, but the adherence to them would be, if we adhere, that is.

That said, here are a few New Year’s resolutions that just make sense in everyday business.
  • Remove silly clichés like “you get what you pay for”, “good service costs a little more”
  • Give that sales rep who’s been begging for a meeting/order/test a genuine shot
  • Invite a supplier in for a day to learn how to better serve your company
  • Don’t fall budget/project costs tied to artificially low petroleum prices
  • Tie commodity based buys/contracts to market indices
  • Qualify more suppliers and consolidate to fewer suppliers. Remember that one is not necessary and sufficient of the other
  • Employ the technology necessary to spend your time sourcing instead of buying
  • Undertake projects with long term benefit and short term benefit. Then balance your work investment accordingly
  • Learn the difference between teams and workgroups, and manage your efforts accordingly
  • Remember that projects are terminal but that vision is without end
  • Eliminate “excuse openers” like; I’ve been meaning to call/write/get back to you, you were next on my list of people to . . . , I’ve been meaning to . . ., What a coincidence, etc.
  • Eliminate euphemisms, where none are needed (and many are inaccurate). No more “reaching out instead of “calling”, no more “face time” instead of “meeting” and no more “one off” instead of “privately”
  • Do the right thing, instead of the easy thing
  • Undertake every task as though it was in your job description
  • Never ask for what you wouldn’t give, but strive to give that for which you wouldn’t ask
  • Champion a good cause
  • Work as though your life depends on it, even if you have to remind yourself that it does

If we could all keep to just a few of these, I think it might get a little easier for us in the long run.

Happy New Year; peace and prosperity to all.

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