Whether it’s a Christmas Tree or a Chanukah Menorah, ancient rituals marking the Holiday season are upon us. And even those who celebrate their Holidays with a Festivus pole or Kwanzaa (the extra a, is for Apple) device, are making up their wish lists for the many gifts they hope to receive.

So it came to the Sourcerer, upon a midnight clear, that those in procurement should have their own High Holiday. And they shall call it “Procurmicazaa”.

As the Sourcerer sat silently sourcering Sunday, thinking of all things procurement (and the line for the Giants/Panthers game) he thought to himself; what would make Procurmicazaa stand out? What would make Procurmicazaa legitimate; not some copycat holiday generated to mock the ancient and High Holy traditions of holidays such as Chanukah and Kwanzaa?

Procurmicazaa, after all had no consecrating event, such as the birth of Christ, the Maccabean revolt, or the Kwanzanian Kwanzaa thing that happened a while back, upon which to call. It had not the centuries (or in some case, weeks) of tradition those others do to reinforce its place in society. What then, would make Procurmicazaa stand?

And then, like the thunderbolt that announces the first fruits of Kwanzaa (we guess), it hit the Sourcerer. Procurmicazaa would not be like the other Holidays, it would be their antithesis. After all, those Holidays are all about giving. Procurement though, is the act of getting. What better Yang to the end of year Yin, than a Holiday that’s more take than give?

It’s long overdue. Finally, a holiday that stands fast in the face of all that rampant generosity and gives testament (pardon the pun) to the brash consumerism that truly marks the end of the year. I The Sourcering could hear them caroling, “Tis the season to be greedy”, “Oh come all ye shoppers”, “The Little Discount Boy”, “Have yourself a basket full of bargains” and the new classic, “Silent sale”. In that moment Procurmicazaa was born.

So this Procurmicazaa, (yes, as always Dec 23-27, and Dec 31 from 12:30 PM until Jan 2), remember those about whom you care, not by giving to them but for that which you get from them. And isn’t that what Procurmicazaa is really all about anyway?

Procurmicazaa, a brand new Holiday steeped in the rich tradition of Festivus and another holiday with an extra vowel. And it’s all ours, just for the taking.

The best from you and yours!
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