Happy New Year from the Strategic Sourceror.

January also marks the anniversary of this blog. So happy 1st birthday to the Strategic Sourceror, and thank you to all of our readers and authors on this site.

In our first year, www.StrategicSourceror.com had a total 172 posts including everything from spend management humor to best practices in strategic sourcing for specific commodities.

Our most read article in 2008, dealt with some warnings about outsourcing web content development and how to defend and react to website plagiarism.

Coming in at a close second was an article synopsyis of the Heineken Fit 2 Fight cost-reduction program.

Also hot last year were a couple of informative articles on Lubricant Price Increases: Lubricant Price Increases Part One, Lubricant Price Increase Part Two

The most popular series last year were Fleet Management Best Practices and Wireless Management Best Practices:

Fleet Management Best Practices:

Wireless Management Best Practices

So, please drop a comment. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? Is there anything specific you would like to see more coverage on?

Thanks again for stopping by the Strategic Sourceror! Wish us luck for another great year.

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William Dorn

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