Special thanks go out to Michael Lamoureux (aka: the doc) for some recent coverage of the Source One and ThomasNet relationship in his popular "Sourcing Maniacs" series over on Sourcing Innovation.

Although I am not often referred to as a "Proper Gentleman", the doc's understanding of strategic sourcing, technologies and practices and his ability to effectively communicate them is second to none.

For those of you that are a bit confused about the writing style, it is a spoof of the Animaniacs cartoon that was popular in the 90s in the US. Once you get through the first few lines of a couple posts you will understand the banter and realize the creative and excellent way of delivering solid content in a ligh-hearted manner. Take a moment to read through a few posts in the series and you quickly learn about some of the most respected and top performing companies in the procurement consulting realm.

To read the Source One and ThomasNet interview, click here.

To see all of the Sourcing Maniacs Posts, click here.
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