Master Negotiator has posted a new deal this week for office supplies. This new deal, offered by Staples®, brings an average savings of 62% off of list-pricing. The first 50 customers to sign up also get a free gift card.

For those of you that missed our previous post, Master Negotiator is a new supplier cooperative website that provides pre-negotiated deals and agreements for common business spend areas, such as merchant account processing, office supplies, freight, and telecommunications.

Check out the new deal on office supplies today and see if it could help your business save some cash in these tough economic times: Office Supplies Savings
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William Dorn

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  1. If in the UK you can try for your office supplies they will even collect your empty toner cartridges for free when you have finished with them

  2. Nice Article, But truly another way to save on office supplies is to seek out what your looking for and buy that item from a manufacture direct. This will save you big since you will not going have to then pay a retailers markup.

    Case in point-I was shopping for file folders and came across a company named AmericanFolder.Com They are an great source since unlike other that sell everything else AmericanFolder.Com just sell folders and the prices I found were very low, plus no matter the size of the order they will ship it for free.

    So Yes I agree that a superstore can save you time, but the money savings is seeking out manufactures that sell their items direct.

  3. Gotta love these office supply companies, they love to lurk around looking to spam every board that mentions office supplies.

    FYI: If you are looking to properly source office supplies, go with a reputable company and go through the proper due dilegance when evaluating your suppliers just like you would with any other spend category. Though the indirect spend category is low-impact and not mission-critical to most businesses, it happens to be one of the highest scam and bait-and-switch categories that you could possibly deal with. Especially when dealing with toner.

  4. I like your tips about saving on office supplies. Those costs can get out of control if you're not careful. I like what you said about buying in bulk and being a loyal customer. Companies are more willing to offer discounts if you do both of those things. I also think it's good to talk to your employees about conservative use of supplies.