UK retailers see major waste reductionMultiple grocery retailers and large food corporations in the United Kingdom have slashed expenses by reducing supply chain waste. These companies, including Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, Coca-Cola and Tesco, have managed to reduce their waste by 8.8 percent. The companies have managed to get far ahead of their 5 percent goal for waste reduction.

The Waste and Resources Action Program recently released the results of the Courtauld Commitment Phase 2, which had three main objectives: to reduce grocery packaging, to cut UK grocery waste and to reduce product waste in the grocery supply chain.

The project was not mandatory, but many companies vowed to make their packaging more sustainable and limit food waste, helping them save resources and see greater cost savings. Even though numbers released last year indicated the companies were not on track to meeting their waste reduction goals, the latest numbers show the efforts over the past year have been effective.

Because household waste is not monitored, it is impossible to say if this goal was met. However, with companies continuing to slash their packaging costs by using fewer materials, it appears likely that household grocery packaging waste could diminish.
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