Soaring cost of college encourages early graduationAs college tuition rates continue to rise, more universities are encouraging students to complete their academic requirements and graduate before or within the standard four-year time frame.

In an attempt to gain more students by making their schools seem more affordable, some colleges are beginning to offer three-year baccalaureate degrees. This practice shaves off an extra year of tuition a student would be required to pay under the traditional four-year plan.

However, a few schools are finding this to be a difficult practice to implement because university funding has been drastically cut as the economy continues to struggle. Higher education budget cuts make it impossible for some colleges to offer enough sections of courses required to graduate. This forces some students to remain enrolled for an extra semester or two, catching up with classes they were previously unable to fit into their schedules.

Some budget-conscious pupils are beginning the path to early or on-time graduation years before they set foot on a college campus. Taking advantage of Advanced Placement tests and dual-enrollment while still in high school are becoming more common practices. These options drastically cut down on the cost of attending a university, as a higher education increasingly seems out of reach for some people.
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