Whether they plan this deliberately right before the holiday season or not, tech companies are preparing to present several new fun gadgets to consumers within the next few months.  I’m sure it has a little to do with the holidays and all of the children, young and old will be wanting for the next best thing.  Here is a preview of the next generation of the “better, faster, stronger”, according to cnn.com.

·         iPhone 5 – anticipated to be introduced September 12th and in stores shortly thereafter for purchase.

·         iPad mini – Apple is announcing a smaller version of their iPad to compete with the Amazon Kindles and the like sometime in September or October.

·         Surface – Microsoft is unveiling its first PC, this tablet will have a built-in stand and the cover will double as a keyboard.  From the picture in the article it appears to be quite sleek.

·         Windows 8 – October 26th marks the date that Microsoft will introduce its new touch enabled operating system.  In an effort to spark interest they will be offering an upgrade from XP, Vista and 7 for only $40 through January.  Speaking as a miserable Vista user, I know I will be taking advantage of that!

·         Wii U – Nintendo anticipates launching its upgrade to the popular Wii gaming console sometime during the holidays, I’m sure this will land on quote a few holiday shopping lists.  Competing with similar consoles, the Wii U will stream content from media apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

·         Kindle and Kindle Fire – On September 6th Amazon is expected to announce newer versions of its Kindle and Kindle Fire with some tweaks like higher resolution and a rumor that it may contain a backlight.

·         Apple TV – There is a bit of speculation about whether Apple will introduce newer upgraded options for their television devices already on the market today.  Word around town is that they are looking to add live cable to the devices but are having difficulty working it out with the cable companies.  So TBD on that one.

I hope you found this peek into what is expected this fall to be useful.  Again, some of these announcements are merely anticipated and naturally with all new devices there are likely delays.  Happy shopping!
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