I recently read an article on msnbc.com about a man known as the “Grape Wrangler.” This man, otherwise known as David Forbes, is the founder of Accidental Wine Company in Los Angeles. In the midst of an economic downturn this so called “Wrangler” has found a small sourcing niche. Most wine distributors or vintners hardly think twice about the few bottles of wine that break and spill onto other bottles because to them it’s only a few bottles that they can easily dispose of. To the wrangler though, these few bottles are his sustenance. David Forbes has seized a great business opportunity by purchasing wine bottles that may have blemishes or misspellings on the labels or bottles. Forbes purchases the wine for a dirt cheap price and then resells it online for a third to half of the normal retail price. The only disappointment as a consumer is that you cannot request a specific brand online but you can request a specific kind. Why didn’t I think of this? Wine is wine and no matter how the economy is turning and people are always looking for a bargain. In essence, Forbes has given these wine suppliers with botched products another glimmer of hope within the supply chain. Maybe more suppliers should think about alternate options for their flawed goods. This really gives meaning to the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
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Jen Street

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