Should Your Fleet be Driven by Data?

Seems like everyone in fleet management circles is talking about telematics systems, the diagnostic software, wireless telecommunication, and location tracker packages that churn out data that can be used to slash costs and improve service and environmental performance.

Three recent articles are worth looking at: tells how the telematics program at UPS grew from a desire to make sense of the wealth of data that originates in the company’s brown trucks -- in, for example, sensors that measure vehicle speeds, RPMs, oil pressure, and seatbelt usage. One result of UPS’s program has been a cut in idling time by 24 minutes per driver per day -- a fuel savings UPS estimates at $188 per driver per year.

Work Truck Online asks if telematic systems provide a good ROI and answers “yes.” According to PHH Arval, a provider of commercial fleet management services, most companies can realize a ROI with telematics in six months to a year.

Fleet News discusses how Eagle-I, a UK provider of integrated telematics services, deals with the dreaded “death by data” with which a company with a productive telematics system can be overcome. The article also offers a reasonable ten-point guide for selecting a telematics supplier.
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