Indiana Jones captured moviegoers across the globe this holiday weekend, raking in a record-setting $311 million worldwide. This occurred as rising gasoline costs and falling home prices made Americans nervous about the future according to a survey by the Conference Board that showed consumer confidence plunged to its lowest level in 16 years.

One might expect that consumers would be protesting inaction by government officials rather that sitting in the movies. The White House and Congress choose to point fingers at speculators and the oil companies when a national energy policy is needed. Even with all of the concern surrounding energy prices, no comprehensive long-term energy policy has been proposed.

When managing spend, do you have a plan, are you pointing fingers or are you living in a fantasy world? Strategic Sourcing can provide the plan, tools and techniques to help you control your spend and take actions to keep costs in line even in the face of rising commodity prices. Costs are rising for everyone. Market leaders will develop plans and strategies to keep their costs lower than competitors enabling them to capture greater market share even in these volatile markets.

Don't follow the "leaders" by pointing fingers or looking the other way. Be the leader and take action. If you don't have the market expertise in house, get the help of a procurement service provider that can bring the tools and subject matter expertise to keep you ahead of the competition.
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