The past few months have hardly been an easy time for many businesses across the U.S., and every employee likely has a little more pressure on them to make sure they are doing what they can to guide their company through the storm so it can successfully come out the other side. That certainly includes purchasing managers, who should strive to keep costs down but also ensure strong ties within their industry supply chains.
The good news is that there are a lot of ways those in the purchasing department can ensure they are enjoying ongoing success on multiple fronts, including finding new ways to collaborate with other departments and supply chain partners, according to Fraxion. These are times of significant upheaval and the ways you were doing business even three or four months ago may not be the best way to proceed for all involved. As a consequence, it may be a better idea to shift strategies so they are more responsive to the current moment.

Staying connected to your existing network is critical at this time.Staying connected to your existing network is critical at this time.
That could include the need to look into new potential vendors so that you can continue to get the best mix of price and responsiveness to your evolving situation, especially in this economic downturn, the report said. You will still need to do what you can to uphold good working relationships with your current vendors, but adding a new one to the mix just might be exactly what your business needs right now.
Getting it right
In many ways, if you are trying to do more to make your purchasing efforts undergird and broadly support your company as a whole, it helps to have the right data at your fingertips, according to Ivalua. The more information you have on your ordering and shipment data from every possible source, the better off you are likely to be when it comes to tapping the right parts of your supply chain to help you continue as normal.
Often, the best approach to this effort is to call on your supply chain partners and see what you can both do to provide more real-time information - or at least, as much as all involved can manage - to one another, the report said. In doing so, you may make both of your lives considerably easier, and by creating these partnerships with a number of different businesses, you will gain incredible insights into your networks.
Never be satisfied
Even if you find success with your efforts on these fronts, you would also be wise to never think you have fully settled these issues, according to Supply Chain Digital. Periodically revisiting all efforts you have made to improve your supply chains will help you better understand your ongoing needs as they emerge or shift amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. The things that worked well for you in March may not apply anymore, and that's true of your efforts last week or even yesterday.
The more you can do to monitor how your purchasing needs grow and change during this public health emergency and beyond, the better off all involved are likely to be for potentially years to come.
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