When you're trying to get the most out of your supply chain operations, there are many avenues you can pursue, but perhaps the most fruitful will be increasing engagement with workers and managing them more effectively overall. With that in mind, now is certainly the time to look at your company's handling of talent today and see what can be done to make those processes more effective.

The following tips should help you on your way to more effective workforce management within your facility:

1) Keep better tabs on productivity
Especially in the supply chain, if you don't have full visibility into your various processes, you often don't even know what you don't know, according to F. Curtis Barry & Company. With that in mind, now is the time to make sure you have enough monitoring platforms in place to identify areas for potential improvement so that you can start culling actionable data - and giving workers the insights they need to be more effective and efficient.

Reconsidering your processes can help you manage your workforce more effectively.Reconsidering your processes can help you manage your workforce more effectively.
2) Do more to attract and retain talent
One of the biggest issues for companies on a number of fronts arises when tenured, experienced workers leave for greener pastures, F. Curtis Barry & Company added. The lost productivity - not only while you're actively searching for a replacement, but also when getting that new hire up to speed - is costly enough, but so too is the potential damage to your reputation if employees feel they're under-compensated. Higher pay and better benefits will typically translate into far less turnover.

3) Offer professional development
Another reason workers may feel as though it's time to move on is if they feel they've hit a plateau on their career development, according to Veridian. To help you avoid that issue, it can be helpful to offer not only training exercises on a regular basis (which also helps ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction with your latest processes) but also to cover the cost of professional development courses, whether in-house or from local colleges. Doing so could help ensure your talent doesn't look for greener pastures.

4) Keep communications open
Employees may often feel frustrated if they cannot figure out who to talk about their workplace concerns with, or if they feel you aren't actually listening to or acting on those concerns, Veridian noted. Likewise, if they do not receive feedback on a regular basis, they may not know what else they can do to maximize their efficiency. Making communication a two-way street will help workers feel as though they're being heard and have plenty of necessary direction in their daily work.

5) Invest in technology
Finally, if your workers feel they are being truly put to the test and possibly overworked on an ongoing basis, that may indicate the need to modernize your processes, according to Adecco. Often, such feelings arise when employees are using years- or even decades-old equipment to get the job done, and a little investment in more recently released technology could be the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency.
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