When you attend a networking event and the business cards get passed around, "procurement specialist" isn't exactly the most eye-catching job title in the mix. Not only are people generally un-thrilled by your department, many don't even know what it is.

Even if the individuals are familiar with the profession, they aren't likely to show excitement. This is because procurement has a budget-slashing, opportunity-limiting reputation. Other departments see procurement as a one-dimensional apparatus looking for cost reduction and cost reduction alone.

This assumption is, of course, untrue. Procurement is more of a transformative entity than it is a restrictive one. While we're known for cost reduction strategies, we can also contribute valuable insight to fundamentally shift a company's approach.

Are external factors alone to blame? Not exactly. Procurement has a dark past of letting itself fit into this narrow framework and people haven't forgotten. Some Procurement teams today rely on an outdated, penny-pinching approach. We can, however, repair the function's reputation of by redefining Procurement as a process optimizing tool rather than a purely cost-cutting one.

Source One Consultant Johnathan Groda, recently shared his thoughts on the subject in a blog titled "How Can We Make Procurement More Relatable?" He discusses:
  • The common misconceptions around procurement and the mindsets that cause them. 
  • The true value of procurement and what it can bring to the table. 
  • How to make Procurement an inspiring and exciting conversation point. 
Check out the rest of his thoughts on ThomasNet. 
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