ICYMIM: August 12th, 2019

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10 Reasons for Procurement to Work With Payments
Jason Busch & Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters, 8/2/2019
A healthy sense of control and overall oversight is a critical ingredient for an efficient Procurement organization. P2P programs are tool teams can use to align better with the money matters of the company. Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell are providing us with 10 solid reasons for procurement to collaborate with the finance department.

Use your RFP Process to Reduce Third-Party Risk
Tom Rogers, Vendor Centric, 8/6/2019
The RFP process stands as one of the most pivotal phases of developing a supplier relationship. The way that you draft an RFP document can change whether you get the information you need to reduce third-party supplier risk. Your document needs to outline every technical or functional requirement and expectation for that supplier so that no backroads are taken. CEO of Vendor Centric, Tom Rogers, gives some guidance as to how to design your RFP documents to be able to foresee third-party risks and remediation issues. 

How Millennials are Changing the Procurement Landscape
Sarah Scudder, Future of Sourcing, 8/8/2019
As Millenials begin to take over the workforce, the procurement landscape is ready to see how they might alter the space. The generation is taking key procurement roles such as lead buyer and other sole decision-maker positions rapidly and have been doing so for over ten years. Conceivably, Millenials are embracing digitization and turning to more e-marketplaces and social-media ran marketing tactics. Sarah Scudder discusses how the Millenial generation might shape the procurement space in the future during this digital renaissance. 
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