Many times, routine and mundane tasks that have become ritual are oftentimes performed on a regular basis with little or no thought on its affects and ramifications to the "big picture". The standard small business, retailer, and manufacturer take advantage of township and county sponsored services such as trash and recycling pick up and do not realize that they are supporting and funding a multi billion dollar industry. That is right. Consumer's trash (paid for by the consumers) are lining pockets of gurus who caught the vision.

Common commodities that are publicly traded make little mention to recycled paper or fiber. However, recycled fiber is an integral part of manufacturing industry. Recycled paper, newsprint, cardboard, etc.. are purchased by cardboard and other paper manufacturers to produce usable materials and finished goods. Buying recycled materials is an economical and environmental solution to the manufacturing process. Buying raw material requires more extensive processes and costs compared to buying recycled materials to process. This need has opened the market to a new and high demand for recycled fiber.

Recycling companies may enter into a contract with a manufacturer or retailer (terms depends on committed volumes) that include terms for a baler lease (oftentimes free monthly charge if volumes are high), a trailer located at the manufacturer or retailer, and scheduled picked frequencies. The manufacturer processes their waste paper in accordance to the terms established and call the recycling company for service. The recycling company in turn picks up the full trailer and empties it at the recycling site for processing. The recycling company then returns the empty trailer back to the manufacturer or retailer's facility. After processing, sorting, and weighing the recycled materials picked up, the recycling company will pay a buy-back rebate to the manufacturer or retailer. These rates are determined by the old board markets publications (OBM).

The demand for recycled fiber can create an income source for many small businesses, retailers, or manufacturers. Search local directory for recycling companies and start shopping for the best deal that fits the needs. Consider all avenues that comprises a good deal such as value adds. Will the recycling company include baling wire free of charge for your business? Perhaps several small retailers in the same block and "band together" to leverage enough volume for the baler and to maximize on the rebates available. Also consider any termination clauses that assess a fee if the "contract" is terminated outside of the term specified.

Recycling fiber is truly a green solution for all parties involved.
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