In honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary today, I’d like to share with you part of Good Housekeeping’s Easy Ways to Live Greener.

A few of the Green Around the Clock habits to start practicing that caught my eye were:

1. Brew USDA Certified Organic coffee or take a travel mug with you when swinging by your favorite coffee shop. They may even fill it at a discount!
2. Configure your office printer or copy machine to duplex printing (both sides of the page).
3. Unplug any electronics not used while sleeping to prevent phantom electrical draw. A helpful tip is to plug items into a power strip to easily flip the switch before bedtime!

Check out the full article for suggestions in Start ‘Em Young and Green My Ride.

The page continues into 21 Ways to Green Your Home (and keep some greenbacks in your pocket) which contain great suggestions. Check out the full article if you get a chance but here are a few from the Double-Duty Ideas section that were neat and easy ways to help reduce, reuse and recycle:

1. Small glass food jars. These make perfect see-through storage vessels for nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.
2. Used coffee grounds. Spread them over flower beds of acid-craving plants such as azaleas or rhododendrons. Personally I’ve used coffee grounds around hydrangea to get them to grow vibrant blue hues versus the traditional pink.
3. Empty paper-towel roll. Flatten and use it to sheathe a knife kept in a drawer.
4. Plastic tub. Get the largest-size container of yogurt, sour cream, or margarine. When done with the tub, rinse and reuse it as a travel dish for pets or for craft-supply storage.

Get your green juices flowing by paging through the full 5 pages this article has to offer.
Recycling Do's and Don'ts
Paper, Paper, Everywhere!
7 Ways to Waste Less
5 Oldies but Goodies
5 Eco Labels You Can Trust

Save money and save the Earth!
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