One of my favorite episodes of the Sopranos is the one where Paulie tries to hit up a Starbucks for some "protection" money. The Starbucks manager tells Paulie that ""Every last f***ing bean is in the computer".

Paulie's world was changing and soon your world will be changing too. California has a plan to shore up its deficit - an interest free loan from the taxpayer. The state is going to withhold an extra 10 percent out of residents' pay checks. Leaders say state residents will get any extra withholding back in April. Those who would have already gotten a refund will get a bigger one and those who owe taxes will owe less.

After years of mismanagement, California is going to shift more of the pain to taxpayers rather than reduce spending. The problem will only be worse in six months. Why not just make the cuts now? Taking additional tax money from already cash strapped consumers will only worsen the problem. Retailers will see less spending this holiday spending which will result in less tax revenue for Sacramento.

Given that almost every state is in financial turmoil, people that don't live in California should take note - the New "MOB" is coming to a state near you. How much of this are we going to take before we are totally fed up?
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Steve Belli

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