What do you think of nowadays when asking “what can I get for $5?” The jingle comes to mind “$5… $5… $5 foot longs!” The in depth Business Week article takes us through the birth of the $5 Subway footlong sandwich campaign. It all started when a franchise owner in Miami came up with the idea to offer every footlong sandwich on the weekends for only $5 (a dollar less than the usual price).

It’s great that Subway realized the potential and seized the good idea even though it wasn’t created at headquarters. To their reward, according to the NPD Group, Subway’s $3.8 billion in sales nationwide on the $5 footlong alone placed themselves within the top 10 fast-food brands in the U.S.

Sorry Jared but your reign is over. At least with this promotion you can continue your weight loss and realize savings. You will be saving time, gas and money by visiting Subway just once a day to buy a $5 footlong that will last you for lunch and dinner now!

If you get a few minutes I would suggest you read through this article. Be careful if you read it on an empty stomach though, now I want Subway!
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