Anyone who has cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving probably remembers their first time. If this week is your first year, then you’re in luck! Any questions you may have regarding thawing, prep, cooking, presentation and much more can be answered by the Turkey Talk-Line. Butterball has offered this hot line for almost three decades now and is well prepared for the most extreme questions. The hot line receives 100,000 calls including 12,000 calls on Thanksgiving Day alone!

As part of Butterball’s preparation, all newcomers to the hot line go through five days of training appropriately referred to as Butterball University. All that man the phones have degrees in nutrition, food science, or home economics and are armed with a 3” binder full of turkey knowledge.

Before the line goes live for November and December, all workers who have been on the hot line for three or less years also gather for intensive turkey training days including an assignment to make a turkey with a different method so they are familiar with all the ways people might prepare a turkey. According to this AP article, they make the basics: “roasters, ovens, and even grills and deep-fryers, which have grown in popularity.” They train with other brands of turkey as well as Butterball since the hot line is open for anyone to call.

So if you’re cooking a turkey for the first time this year or want to prepare it a different way, call the hot line experts at 800-288-8372. Fifty-five operators are on hand to help you!
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