So you’re a supplier who’s been approached by a PSP or client directly and have won the bidding process. You’ve hooked the client based on your pricing and complete proposal as a supplier all around. Now you need to follow through.

Recently I’ve heard some companies say they are currently with one supplier but they are not happy with what seems to be pretty much everything but their price (and some the actual price too!). This may have been after looking around for the best price, what supplier coverage is available in their area, etc. One company I spoke with mentioned poor packaging that was often received damaged, incorrect items shipped and lag-time on receiving credits. Even if you as the supplier had the most reasonable pricing and well-rounded proposal, the proof is in the pudding. You should take a second go at your total cost of ownership.

If the company finds similar pricing and tries out another supplier with a similar proposal without any set backs they may take their business elsewhere. The original supplier needs to evaluate not only how their pricing stacks up but to be on top of customer service, ordering and finance operations among other aspects. This will show the customer it is not just about price and therefore build a stronger, longer term relationship with the company. This way they hopefully don’t decide to test other waters every time something shiny catches their eye.
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Tina Lamanna

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  1. Not to mention that quality service breeds loyalty and understanding of price increases.