, the site for buyers to find pre-negotiated discounts and contracts with leading national suppliers, has just launched a new version of its popular website. The new site offers improved navigation to help buyers find deals in the categories that their company needs help the most in and has simplified the checkout process.

Additionally, Master Negotiator has added three new deals to the site:
  • The first deal is with the leading national supplier of pest control services. With this deal, companies can receive 5 to 15% off preferred pest control pricing with Terminix®. see the deal
  • Next up is a deal with a leading technology services provider that offers 10% discounts on Cabling Installation and Network Design Services. The supplier in this category will provide 10% off qualified competitor quotes, and has the added benefit of being a minority supplier, to help fulfill minority spend obligations. see the deal
  • Third, Master Negotiator has just released a deal for up to 20% off new and 80% off remanufactured Digital Copiers and Office Equipment from a leading national supplier of Xerox and Toshiba equipment. see the deal

Master Negotiator provides a free, quick and easy way for your business to gain immediate access to preferred pricing for commonly purchased items and services. Simply go to and start browsing for your deals to help your business start saving money fast. Master Negotiator does not charge any fees for its service to buyers.

On a related note, Source One Management Services, LLC and ServicePower just formally announced the launch of the ServicePower ServiceStore. This spend management system, similar to Master Negotiator, was developed exclusively to help service-industry professionals increase their profitability by obtaining lower pricing and reducing the administrative time required to source common items and services. If your trade group would like assistance in developing its own industry specific deals for its affiliates, contact Source One.

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