Creative solutions do not need to be complex to be effective. When it comes time to sign your next telecommunications contract, you may have all the tools you need to achieve significant savings already sitting in your toolbox. And you may not know it. We are always looking at emerging technologies to better streamline and optimize our telecommunications, but new does not always mean appropriate nor does it mean that one time costs associated with a technology change will be within budget.

You may also have any of a number of reasons for being unable or of limited capacity to compete the business to achieve cost savings. Or maybe you are happy with your incumbent provider but you have a mandate to save money. The bottom line is that IT will always want to have whatever it takes to have a fast, secure, and stable network and telecom infrastructure with little (or at least less) concern about the dollars associated with their beloved blinking lights and tangled wires. Conversely, however, purchasing wants to spend less and has much less concern about the actual day to day operation of the network.

One crucial step often overlooked or easily skipped is ensuring current systems are optimized. This oversight is unfortunate for two reasons. One, if you aren’t already optimized, you will probably end up re-contracting or repurchasing equipment, circuits, and features that you do not even need. Two, this step might be the last step you need to undertake before signing a new contract. In the world of telecommunications, things change rapidly; technology improves, discounts are constantly shifting, and many interdependencies –all variable -exist. Internally, moves, adds and changes have probably occurred regularly since your last contract. Reevaluation is critical before looking to the market.

Reevaluation will likely lead to complex problems, but those problems do not always require complex solutions. Less complex, or even simple solutions are not always obvious either. Take a step out of the negotiation box for a minute and consider your options with what you already have. Can you combine features, change a piece of equipment’s configuration or reallocate facilities in order to reduce cost and optimize your telecommunications? If so, you have probably already reduced costs for your company before even going to market. The best solution may be difficult to identify, especially if you have lost control of management of your telecom spend and inventory. Source One can assist your organization in identifying inventory, invoicing, and the correct telecommunications and technology solutions for your business and ensure the best value for your purchase....Telecommunications Strategic Sourcing

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