The Government doesn’t trust Government data

Federal reports that Government contracting officers rarely use Government data on contractors’ past performance because they don’t think the information is reliable.

The contracting officers’ consensus, as reported to the GAO (Government Accountability Office) was that past performance data is the most reliable predictive data for future performance, but they lack confidence in the Government’s PPIRS (Past Performance Information Retrieval System). The GAO reported that low overall reporting and inconsistent capture of relevant information were key issues.

Reduce costs by reducing fraud . . .

FT also reports that US Army logistics contractor KBR was exposed for an “unprecedented” number of fraud cases by the (DCAA) Defense Contract Audit Agency. So many in fact, that the government will not release the total number at this time, but the count is 32 at present. The DCAA recommended $4.3 Billion worth of reductions to proposed/billed costs and another $3.3 Billion in reductions for expenses that simply were not allowed under the existing contract.

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