Recently Charles Dominick (Purchasing Certification Blog) conducted a sourcing project for office supplies. He is still in the process of writing this multi-part series.

During the sourcing process "We wanted to compare the proposal pricing to what we had gotten through our rigorous sourcing process. We spent dozens of hours on this process, issuing a formal RFP, and doing all the things typically done to maximize competitive pressures", says Dominick on his blog.

The Strategic Sourceror was pleased to find out that the deal on was selected as the best total value by Charles after his rigorous sourcing process was completed. Charles goes on to conclude "Technically, from a pure cost standpoint, it was not worth the resources we dedicated to sourcing. If we weren’t doing this exercise for blog material, we would have been better off just going with the deal on and not spending our time sourcing". will continue to add additional categories and best in class contracts to the site for purchasing professionals that want a self service model. Many companies do not have the resources to conduct a full blown sourcing process or their spend does not provide them with the leverage to negotiate steep discounts with suppliers. For companies with larger spends, custom sourcing is available through Source One Management Services.

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