Several recent studies were published about back-to-school spending. According to an article at the South Bend Tribune, the national Retail Federation recently estimated that the average back-to-school supplies cost will increase from $563 in 2007 to $594 for 2008, however overall sales will decrease by an estimated 7%.

Deloitte recently conducted a study about back-to-school spending, and 71% of the respondents indicated that they will spend less this year. 90% of respondents said that they will change the way they shop for back-to-school supplies.

Retailers are reacting by offering more advertised discounts in their stores for back-to-school supplies. Expect to see more school supplies with big signs indicating discounted pricing in your local grocery markets, wholesaler clubs and discount stores.

As a purchasing agent, it may also be a good time for you to potentially stock up on some office supplies at a discounted rate. Just, keep tabs on your office supplies store rooms to see if your consumption mysteriously increases since consumers are “buying” less.
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William Dorn

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  1. Agree..! Back to school shopping is an annual event that costs us millions of dollars each year.

  2. Retailers dealing in back to school stuff eagerly wait for this season of Back to school shopping. Loads of money is being spent on back to school shopping every year.

    To some extent this is true that this year the School supplies cost are up but sales are down. That’s the reason that this year retailers have to give huge discount to their buyers. In fact it has become important for the retailers to buy at a lowest possible price to sell at decent margins. Retailers have to source their products from various vendors, be it online wholesale suppliers or offline stores. It is a better idea to buy from online websites as; there one can buy at closeout deal price or even buy a truck load and thus saving huge dollars on procurement price.

    So all the retailers out there should look out for cheap dollar prices, buy at bulk prices from online websites and maximize earning potential. These websites offer different products in back to school category be it pencils, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, scissors or any other stuff. The most of this is available at low close out prices.

    So, shops online in wholesale, save money earn more profit.