Source to pay S2P technology solutions simplify sourcing and procurement workflows, assisting with monitoring departmental spend and reducing costs

Organizations that have utilized traditional procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions are experiencing the need to monitor spend efficiency more closely. The same holds true for businesses that have deployed a combination of disparate systems, alongside enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Leaders are prompted to seek more robust solutions—while lowering costs—and find that a comprehensive source-to-pay (S2P) platform is the answer. 

sourcing cycle with multiple considerations
Automate Source-to-Pay Workflow

Increase Workflow Automation
When S2P solutions are implemented, organizations can increase the automation of their workflow and reduce critical cycle times. The ease of use, simple implementation, and visibility across robust procurement workflows are unmatched with end-to-end platforms. Meanwhile, organizations that rely on general ERP applications, may require supplemental tools to manage their complete sourcing to payables process.

Seamless Integration
The best fit S2P will offer a plug and play install and seamlessly integrate with all ERPs. This eliminates the need to migrate data from existing tools or worry about costly downtime. When multiple solutions or “extra” modules must be deployed to extend to end-to-end coverage, customers encounter added cost. This is more painful when teams refuse to adopt the individual ERP or niche solution because it does not meet their needs or otherwise lacks flexibility. 

Tech-Enabled Solutions
When S2P solutions are enabled with the latest technology, features like artificial intelligence support advanced capabilities through process automation and document processing. This is demonstrated in Intelligent AP Automation by eliminating inefficiencies associated with manual processing and boosting compliance. The capabilities of complex document recognition, sorting and classification accessible through a simple, customizable user interface are transformative to the way purchasing is managed. 

Image displays bar chart to demonstrate growth
Monitor spending while reducing costs with your S2P

Intelligent Assistants and other proactive technology are further differentiators seen in S2P platforms. These features add an expanded element of convenience by enabling users to access documents and workflow details, through conversational or text prompts while on the go and outside of the platform interface, using recognized communication tools. 

End-to-End Processing
S2P solutions are designed with the full sourcing process in mind, extending capabilities and workflow visibility.  

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