Joe Payne and William R. Dorn, authors of “Managing Indirect Spend: Enancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing” and executives of Source One, were interviewed by, an online resource for entrepreneurs. The article summarizes the book’s contents and what inspired Joe and Bill to write it. Moreover, the interview gives the reader a deeper insight into Joe and Bill’s past and present professional experience as well as business tips straight from the horses’ mouths.

Interview Excerpt:

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

Dorn:  I would say Steve Belli, the CEO of Source One and Abe Podolak, one of the original founders. Without their guidance and innovative thinking, neither Joe nor I would be doing what we are doing today.

Payne: I agree. Abe and Steve are the Yin and Yang of Source One, and together provide a unique style of leadership that translates through to the rest of our staff, and sets a culture of team work, creativity and continuous improvement that is very unique. You wouldn’t find a work environment like ours anywhere else.

As always, Joe and Bill are both informative and entertaining. Be sure to check out the full interview.
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  1. I changed my mind, Steve & Abe are more like the Sonny and Cher of Source One. Abe, of course, is Cher.