Apple overhauls supply chain management, bolstering iPad production Though supplier issues hurt production of the last iteration of the iPad, the newest version of Apple's iconic tablet has not suffered the same fate.

CNN reports that Apple's deft supply chain management has helped the technology giant avoid a repeat of the issues that plagued the iPad 2. The latest version of the iPad is already available in 35 countries, and is set to go on sale in an additional 12 this Friday, but Apple said it expects to meet surging demand for the consumer electronics product.

Last year, the 9.0-magntiude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that battered Japan caused substantial damage to factories on the island nation. The subsequent shock to the global supply chain effectively hindered manufacturing at many of Apple's suppliers, which in turn hurt overall iPad production.

This year, however, the Cupertino, California-based company said it has been able to continue churning out iPads at a rapid clip, following a major overhaul of its supply chain. Experts said the company would likely continue to meet global demand, even as it rolls out the popular tablet in nine more countries at the end of next week.


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