As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of ULSA’s School of Business, Source One will explore nearshoring opportunities with students, faculty, and Mexican business leaders

Source One has been invited by Dr. Roberto Pozos, Executive Director of the School of Business at Universidad La Salle (ULSA) in Mexico City, to deliver a webinar presentation to business students and faculty, as well as Mexican business and government leaders. The webinar is entitled "U.S. Companies and Global Opportunities: A Perspective on Strategic Sourcing from Mexico", and will be delivered on October 27 at 12 pm Eastern time. The webinar is one of a series of events honoring the 50th anniversary of the School of Business at ULSA.

The webinar will cover an aspect of strategic sourcing and supply chain management known as nearshoring, which is the recent phenomenon of businesses relocating sourcing projects closer to the United States. This is being done because of rising wages and transportation costs associated with sourcing in Far East countries, along with intellectual property and cultural issues. Mexico is a popular destination for many companies interested in nearshoring, especially for IT companies, and Source One wants to help companies in all industries in both countries understand the opportunities.

Currently there is a communication gap between U.S. companies who want to find low-cost country alternatives and Mexican companies with technical and industrial capabilities, but no access to those potential customers. Creating a community comprised of academia, industry and government that understands the benefits of nearshoring can go a long way toward bridging that communication gap. Nearshoring, and strategic sourcing in general, represents a vibrant new direction for Mexican business students and faculty to direct the focus of their studies.

The webinar exploring these possibilities will be conducted by William R. Dorn, Jr., Director of Operations at Source One, and Diego De la Garza, MBA, a Project Analyst at Source One and an alumnus of ULSA. Diego, who was recently honored with the "Distinguished Alumni with a Successful Career" award from the ULSA School of Business, coordinated all the arrangements between Source One and Dr. Pozos, a former advisor to Diego.

"I am excited to be able to give back to my alma mater and my current employer in this way," said Diego. "I think it is incredibly important for students and faculty at the ULSA School of Business, as well as business and government officials, to understand the amazing possibilities that nearshoring represents for Mexican and U.S. businesses. It can help create jobs and economic opportunities for both countries."

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