According to BGR, the CEO of AT&T announced yesterday that their LTE phones will be more power efficient, and ultimately thinner than the competition. Ralph de la Vega goes on to explain that the power enhancement is possible due to a single radio within the device that is able to switch back and forth between AT&T’s existing 3G GSM network and its new 4G LTE network, something that Verizon does not have available to it, as it uses CDMA and LTE. AT&T expects to be launching their 4G LTE phones as early as this year (although their commercials have blatantly already been calling their 3G network 4G).

Although increased battery life may be a selling point for the very few customers that may be in AT&T’s initial LTE coverage area; the question becomes: will AT&T ever be able to catch up to Verizon’s LTE footprint. AND, will dual radios be necessary for Verizon phones for long. Verizon announced this week that they will roll out additional coverage to 22 cities, starting in late October. Verizon will have LTE coverage in 178 markets by the end of 2011.

On a disappointing note, this announcement seems to completely solidify the fact that handsets and smartphones will likely not be cross-carrier compatible anytime in the near future.

On another note, it looks like if you use BlackBerry devices, you may not get your email regardless of how your battery is holding up. Now in day three of sporadic outages, RIM's popular BlackBerry devices are now reporting email system failures in the U.S. and Canada.
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  1. What about their data plans? Do they plan on offering higher tiers for limited data each month like 10 GB plans Verizon has? Honestly you can't use an LTE phone with a 4GB capped data plan and not expect to go over it! If they launch the phone with the same data plans, not many people will sign up fearing the extra overage charges slowing the whole roll out process down.