According to a recent article at Government Executive, the Obama administration has picked a new candidate to head up Federal Procurement Oversight. Daniel Gordon is to be nominated as administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy at the Office of Management and Budget.

Daniel Gordon has a track record of increasing responsibilities and multiple roles throughout his 17 year career within the GAO (U.S. Government Accountability Office). His background is in law but is also an adjunct professor teaching a course ""Formation-Government Contracts" at The George Washington University Law School. His roles mainly consisted of providing general legal counsel to Congress and assisting in addressing legal issues that federal agencies face.
According to the article, Gordon will be tasked with finding 7% savings in contracting spend during the next two fiscal years and cutting sole-source, cost-reimbursement and time and materials contracts by 10%.

While Gordon, no doubt, has a solid understanding of the legal ramifications of federal bids and awards, I hope he understands the value in developing a team of sourcing professionals that are not bogged down with antiquated systems, methodologies, and processes. Although it is a pipe dream, I hope he works beyond the role of an 'administrator of policy' and ties together the thousands of government procurement professionals who are working on non-centralized systems and outdated procedures with the goal of completely revamping Federal Procurement as a whole. If this can be accomplished, even in a marginal role, savings would go well beyond the targeted 7% he has been tasked with.

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