I have been using Microsoft's new search engine Bing for one month and I like it better than Google.

Search results are clean and easy to read. On the right side of the page you can see related search terms, categories and a history of your recent searches. If you highlight a search result, you get a summary of the related web page without clicking. This saves a lot of time. Video clips can be played by highlighting. No need to click and leave the search results page if you don't want to.

The home page features new photographs daily. The photos are often interesting and scrolling over the photos reveals fun facts about the photo. Another enjoyable feature.

Microsoft has produced a best in class application with Bing. Try it, you might like it.
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Steve Belli

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  1. Best of all, Bing ported over 'Live Maps' which have a far superior overhead view than Google Maps provide.
    The images are taken at an angle rather than directly above, which provides perspective to the geography.