I recently listened in on a webinar by Supply and Demand Chain Exec titled “Good to Green”. They brought up some valid strategies for the MRO industry on inventory management and discussed some common issues that could occur in everyone’s storeroom. It’s important that every business understand their consumption patterns and the best way to do that is to understand the value of your inventory, standardization, and physically clean up the storeroom. Performing these tasks can reduce your inventory costs and it makes your company more aware of their purchasing habits.

The second part of the presentation was about going green. It looked at the chemical products companies have as part of their inventory. The presenter notes that the actual purchase costs of chemicals only make up 10-15% of what the product actually costs. The remainder of those costs is in maintaining those chemicals, for example, costs for proper storage and disposal. They gave an example of a company purchasing many types of cleaners including glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, hand cleaners, etc. This company had 100’s of cleaning products by 100’s of manufacturers sitting in inventory. The company had 100 bathroom cleaners by 80 manufacturers that all did the same thing – sanitized the bathroom! A company was hired to take inventory, understand their consumption patterns, and work to reduce the amount of manufacturers and chemical products being used on site.

I started to think about those 100’s of products in that one company and how this relates to my own house and all the cleaning products I use and store. Are we all doing our part to keep our homes “Green” just like businesses? There are probably thousands of types of cleaners that we can choose from at the store. If I take some time and do my own physical inventory I can eliminate and manage my own costs and products and do my part in going “Green”. Before you make that next cleaning product purchase think to yourself, “how many types of this cleaner do I really need to have in my house”? In a time when we are all trying to reduce our costs and save the environment I think it’s important to look at your own spending habits and see how you can do your part for the environment.
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