The Strategic Sourceror is proud to welcome a new sponsor to our site, Next Level Purchasing.

For those of you that do not know, Next Level Purchasing is the provider of the Senior Professional in Supply Management Certification (SPSM Certification). Founded by Charles Dominick in 2000, but with roots dating back to the 90s, Next Level Purchasing has quickly made its positive mark on the industry and is widely considered one of the top certification bodies in the field of supply chain and spend management.

The SPSM Certification was founded around the principals that recruiting true "top talent" in procurement and supply chain was a very daunting task. The few certifications that were available were typically driven by "national" associations and it was difficult for an employer to weed through the thousands of similar resumes that all included some sort of national certificate. Employers needed a way to truly identify the best-in-class employees that had actual skills that they could bring to an organization, not just generic training on procurement, project management or supply chain processes.

So, what makes Next Level Purchasing unique?
  • First, the SPSM Certification was the first globally recognized certification in the purchasing community. In fact, over the past few years, the certification has now reached clients in over 90 countries, in businesses big and small.
  • Next Level Purchasing updates their materials with much greater frequency than most other training or certification courses. In fact, this year alone has seen a 15% increase in new content, without a raise in costs. After all, good purchasing professionals are always looking for more value for their dollar, so Next Level Purchasing delivers.
  • They provide a commitment to creative tools and techniques to make learning more effective, and more enjoyable. You can have fun while being trained, and Next Level Purchasing proves it with "mid-term games" that simulate popular game shows to the tune of purchasing lessons.

What else you should know:

  • Next Level Purchasing is more than just a source for training and certification. Charles Dominick also runs one of the most successful and widely read purchasing blogs out there: Purchasing Certification Blog
  • Mr. Dominick, his team, and students also run their own SPSM group on LinkedIn.
  • Next Level Purchasing takes a page from Source One's book and develops free content and tools for procurement professionals. Recently, they launched PurchSearch that is a Google-based search engine that limits results to relevant, approved and recognized purchasing and spend management publications.
  • And, there is more to come. Stay tuned for a new announcement from Next Level Purchasing in the next few weeks.

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to Next Level Purchasing.

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