As I mentioned last week, Next Level Puchasing has a few new announcements about their offering to the procurement training marketplace.

First, straight from their PR, a little more details on the Procurement Games I blogged about in my prior post....
"The "Million Dollar Savings Game" that we released on November 19, 2008 has already seen over 1000 purchasing professionals from around the world test their skill while trying to attain the maximum cost savings. While this game was released to the general purchasing public for free, we have also added a game to the midpoint of each of our ten full-length procurement courses. The course "14 Purchasing Best Practices" includes a game similar to "Jeopardy" and reviews material from the first four lessons. The student will have three categories to choose from: "Annual Buying Plans," "Supplier Performance," and "Qualifying Suppliers." Each category offers three questions with point values ranging from 100-300 and the student will have two and a half minutes to answer as many questions correctly as possible."

Secondly, and more important to the community, as you do not have to be a customer to find this information, Next Level Puchasing has launched its own channel on YouTube. This channel is the first YouTube channel devoted entirely to procurement and supply chain topics.

See it: The Puchasing Certification Channel
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