Not when it comes to Halloween items this year. Even though most Americans are trying to cut back and become more frugal with their money, many are letting loose on Halloween costumes and candy for trick-or-treaters. The National Retail Federation has predicted that sales related to the holiday will rise to $5.7 billion.

With Halloween only one week away and the economy puttering along, some thoughts may be “those Saw movies aren’t scary, our economy is.” With that being said, the economy is one of the main reasons why Americans are splurging on Halloween goodies. They want to forget about the economy and the election for one night, celebrate the holiday and enjoy themselves. This year, Halloween happens to fall on a Friday so some may be forgetting more than they were expecting to. However, it’s not going to be easy to fully escape the fact that this is an election year. There are going to be little kids and adults alike dressed up in McCain and Obama costumes everywhere you turn.

Another reason why Halloween sales are not suffering is because parents cannot deny their children a costume. If they do so, their actions will come back to haunt them. Children don’t forget something like that very easily. Many households also enjoy welcoming trick-or-treaters at their door, as it is estimated by The Nielsen Company that more than $1.9 billion will be spent on candy this season. It is difficult not to meet children’s expectations when they knock on your door wishing you a Happy Halloween.

So, if you are ready to pull your hair out over the economy or find yourself stressed about your decision in ‘08, take your mind off of everything and carve a pumpkin. Another alternative is to put a mask on and go trick-or-treating and then eat chocolate all night long. Not that I’ve ever done something like that. I’m considering going to see the fifth installment of Saw and leaving the scares at home.
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