For those of you that follow multiple blogs in the procurement/spend management/strategic sourcing space, here is a great reference page to help you get a snapshot of all of the top blogs currently in publication:

The page might take up to 30 seconds for you to see, but it aggregates the most recent 5 postings from each of 15 top procurement blogs. Rolling over a post with your mouse will also expand out the first few lines of the articles/posts.

I am not exactly sure why this site was set up (as it has no visable revenue model) but it appears that Robin Titus of Portum (IBX) put it together, and it is a great quick-reference tool that I thought I would share.

Thanks to Mr. Titus if you are reading this.
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William Dorn

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  1. Maybe they're doing a Ketera ... set up a reference portal (like that simply scrapes content from other sites, convince people to visit it as their starting point, then, slap their logo on ... and presto: free advertising.

    At least it's not a ProcureIQ, set up solely to make money on the efforts of others!

  2. I would agree it is some good free advertising, but they have no logo up...yet.

    Yes, ProcureIQ is shameful!

  3. Purchasing expertpage is a private project based on the idea to make blog research in our domain a bit more time efficient. I have actually just updated it - so have a look and feel free to post any feedback to me.

  4. Robin,
    I have been following it for the last few days as you update it. Overall, very nice, easy to find quick information without getting bombarded with ads. Thanks for setting up this tool!

    Just a thought,
    Maybe you could incorporate Charles Dominick's into the site?

  5. Hi William,

    I am actually also working on a similar search concept but I am also planning to add a tab with other relevant tools and sites. I will definetly add PurchSearch to it.

    Thanks for the feedback and check back after the weekend ;-)