Tired of the news about oil, the economy and the war? Many people find it depressing. There is hope however. Some people are taking action.

People like Peter G. Peterson (http://www.pgpf.org/about/leadership/pgp/). He has committed $1 billion of his wealth to tackling the problems of America. Namely the deficit. On August 22, a movie, I.O.U.S.A. ( watch the trailer: http://www.iousathemovie.com/), funded by Peterson's foundation will open in 10 big cities around the country. Reuters said "I.O.U.S.A." "may be to the U.S. economy what 'An Inconvenient Truth' was to the environment."

The Peterson foundation estimates the national debt to be $53 trillion. That's right trillion! Your share is $175,000 and growing. The numbers are large. To put them in perspective, the foundation has created an easy to understand guide about the government's financial condition. You can download a PDF: http://www.pgpf.org/ of the State of the Union's finances. The guide provides actions that each individual can take to help get our countries finances under control.

Like Peterson, you can take action to get your company's finances under control. At Source One (http://www.sourceoneinc.com/), we are able to benchmark your cost verses your peers and competitors. We can help you to optimize savings and be more competitive. Don't run from crisis to crisis scrambling like the government did with the tax rebate and housing bailout bill. You can sustain profitability......by taking action!
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