As the economy changes from day to day, it is obvious that different companies benefit at different times. For those companies who manufacture lunch bags and coolers, sales have increased significantly compared to last year at this time. The reason: many people are cutting back in every aspect of their daily lives. The aftereffect: bagged lunches. Individuals realize that by packing their own lunch they save a considerable amount of money each week. Some employees are even lucky enough to receive lunch in the form of a benefit.

In a Wall Street Journal article titled “Bagging Lunch: The Inflation Effect”, some employers are offering their employees something to chew on – a free lunch. One company offers its employees five dollars a day in the form of food credit. This strategy has decreased turnover. The argument behind it is the fact that it costs less to pay for employees’ lunches than it does to hire and train new employees. Those companies that do not need to implement layoffs are showing great efforts to retain their employees. It may be a bit of a stretch, but simple strategies such as food, could determine whether a person remains with a company. In my opinion, food is a great incentive. This is also coming from someone who enjoys baking only for the sole reason of inhaling what they bake. Also, companies who purchase lunch for their employees have seen more than just quantitative results. Relationships have formed over lunch and morale is higher.

However, be careful. A newly established lunch plan for employees may actually contradict the suggestions mentioned in my previous blog, “Shedding some pounds – and costs too!” If you wish to offer free lunch to employees, make certain that the lunch is healthy. Yes, splurging is allowed from time to time, but if the two strategies discussed are implemented simultaneously and done so in a careless manner, overall they may be ineffective and create zero results.
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