And I’m not talking Springsteen. The absolute first step in addressing wireless issues is to FIND THE DECISION MAKER! I know this sounds simplistic, but having done many wireless projects, you’d be amazed at how important this step is to a successful savings initiative.

The reason this is so important, which partly depends on the size of the company, is that different department budgets can be involved. You can have a sales department who handles the sales team, an IT department that handles Blackberries, a fleet department that handles push-to-talk phones, an executive secretary who handles C-level phones. See how convoluted this is already? When laid out like this, it sounds ridiculous to have so many levels of influence in something like wireless, but the reality is that many companies work with this model. When it comes to wireless, corporations immediately become schizophrenic. It reminds me of the Bill Murray movie “What About Bob”. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic, and so am I.”

Before you can have any impact, find the one person in the company who can pull the trigger and supersede everyone else. It can be the CFO, the CEO, the COO, whoever. The example of schizophrenia above is actually dumbed-down. Not only can you have different department budgets to deal with, but you may have different wireless providers to deal with and corporate liable and individual liable phones. That’s a morass that can only be traversed with a solid, upper-level sponsor. Get that person or get out of Dodge.

Next class session I’ll discuss inventory issues and how that can affect the overall savings goal. It’s basic, I know, but you have to start somewhere. It’s all going to add up and save a bundle.
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