Now that I’ve managed to wean myself off fleet management posts, it’s time to tackle another corporate enemy: Wireless.

Wireless is one of the most out of control secondary spend categories in the corporate world. It’s understandable to see how it can get crazy; add a few sales people here, write off some expense reports there, just another bill to pay, etc etc. That’s no excuse however, for not lassoing that spend. Depending on the size of the inventory, there can be huge hard dollar savings. Regardless of the number of lines, the savings percentage will be motivating.

The next series of posts will deal with what steps should be taken to stop the wireless spend bleeding. It will encompass basic issues such as inventory, to more expert knowledge such as contract negotiations. So if we’re all going to get brain tumors from being addicted to our cell phones like crack, we may as well do it on the cheap (and smart). Stay tuned.
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