When Source One created the vision of the Strategic Sourceror blog, we wanted to create a forum that did more than just write about conferences and service providers. We also wanted to stay away from the obvious (indirectly) paid posts raving about particular software and service providers that you often see on similar blogs. Our goal is to provide a unique portal for procurement professionals to read tips, industry news, perspectives, and best practices in procurement.

Our ultimate goal is build a community of sourcing professionals that all contribute and help each other in developing best practices in procurement. As with our WhyAbe.com toolset (which is STILL free although most people in the industry said it was impossible), we encourage professionals to share their insights, tips, and suggestions to improve the procurement industry.

With that being said, we would like to announce some upcoming topics that you will see over the next several weeks:

  • “Fleet Management” - Discussing Best Practices for managing fleet services.
  • “Building your Strategic Sourcing Team” – Tips and best practices in creating a successful strategic sourcing initiative.
  • “Get Over It” – A continuous series that will help you overcome particularly difficult people and objections that you may encounter in a strategic sourcing initiative.

We encourage your feedback, ideas, tips, comments and suggestions for each of the posts. If you would like to contribute to our discussions or have some suggestions for content, please contact us!

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